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                        Turning your lights on & off, timing their cycle periods and moving them back and forth, this section covers anything else that involves controlling the light and its function.

                        Remember not to connect your ballast straight to the timer or it will burn it out (the timer). You need to attach a contactor (relay) between the ballast and the timer to prevent this.

                        > >
                        CED Analogue Segmental Timer
                        DP Recycling Interval Timer (Minutes)
                        DP Recycling Interval Timer (Seconds)
                        Ecotechnics Powerstar 1 way / 1kW Contactor
                        Ecotechnics Powerstar 2 way / 2kW Contactor
                        Ecotechnics Powerstar 4 way / 3kW Contactor
                        Ecotechnics Powerstar Pro 16 way / 12kW Contactor
                        Ecotechnics Powerstar Pro 6 way / 6kW Contactor
                        Ecotechnics Powerstar Pro 8 way / 6kW Contactor
                        Grasslin Analogue Segmental Timer
                        Grasslin Digital Timer
                        Jupiter Light Rail Kit 1
                        Jupiter Light Rail Kit 2
                        Jupiter Light Rail Kit 3
                        Jupiter Light Rail Kit 4
                        Lightsafe Contactor
                        lightsafe Contactor With Timer

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                        Trimpro XL the trim pro trimming machine

                        Trimpro XL

                        The Largest Makametal Trimmer

                        Trim pro designed to respond to the needs of large producers, an oversize version of the Trimpro Automatik is now available.

                        RKV Fans

                        HVK100A1 Hydroponics Fan

                        The RVK range of fans made in Germany by LTI are quiet and powerful. They are also ideal for connecting to our range of carbon filters. The LTI extractor fans come fully recommended. If you are not sure what size extractor fan to use, it's easy to work out. Simply calculate the volume of the growing environment to the nearest cubic metre. This is done by multiplying:

                        Length x Width x Height = Volume of your room in cubic metres (m³) and then multiply the answer by 20

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                        New from Atami : Aw114 Wilma big 4,  Also the  new   AW109 bigger trank and larger pots 18ltrs

                        These new Atami wilma Offer

                        Bigger Yields
                        Accurate feeding of active hydro combined with massive 18ltr pots means more root mass, greater nutrient uptake and increased yields.

                        Bigger Plants
                        Generous plant spacings, means plenty of room to let them Grow big!

                        Bigger Choice
                        Grow in any medium-clay, coco,soil, rockwall - set feedings on a timer to suit the lifestage of the plants.

                        Plagron Canna Biobizz Trim pro Odorsok
                        Ferro Genral Hydroponics The origin Can-Fanal bluelab grodan

                        GrowMate has expanded and opened its second shop.

                        Our new hydroponics showroom is locacted at Bromsgrove Worcestershire.

                        Unit 4 Sanders Road industrial Estate B61 7DG

                        We now ship to the UK only due to the cost of delivery on some of the large items.
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